TileRacer is Science!


Oh yeah - I've been waiting for this one to provide me with an adequate excuse for the lake of progress and updates on TileRacer: A few month ago two students from the faculty of psychology at the University of Padua (Italy) contacted us telling that they where interested in using TileRacer for a degree-thesis on "the influence of emotions and motivation on driving behaviours". For this they needed a few minor modifications and a guide on how to create custom tiles and getting them into TileRacer. Who could have said no to this once-in-a-lifetime chance of getting our foot in the door of the Italian science community! So - long story short - some effort went into this and the students sent us a nice photo of the study showing somebody with a head mounted display (probably) playing TileRacer in return:
Study using TileRacer
But that is not all. The nice thing for the TileRacer community is that this little project provided me with the motivation I needed to finally create a document explaining some basic things about bringing user created content into the game. So this should be the first step (hopefully) to a series of tutorials which will explain how to mod certain aspects of the game. I will present the document in a separate article in the next days after creating some new sections on the website and forum.

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Just for the naysayers...


To explain the absence of updates lately some people went as far as to suggest that probably both our hands have fallen off spontaneously. The bad news is: yes they where right. The good news is however that we have used our time away from the keyboard to geneticly engineering a race of super monkeys to do all the coding for us. Well, everybody wins.
Anyway: Without further ado we'd like to present to you a first teaster pic from the next TileRacer release 0.8 - featuring the upcomming splitscreen mode for collocated multiplayer gaming.

Split Screen

On a sidenote: Downloads for TileRacer 0.7 have now exceeded 50.000!

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20.000 Downloads in 53 Days


Just a moment ago TileRacer 0.7 has been downloaded for the 20.000th time since its release 53 days ago.

Let the celebrations begin!


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The Old Man and the Bug


If you have been getting this error message:

Error Message 1

with a version of TileRacer prior to 0.701 and this error message:

Error Message 2

with the version 0.701 then maybe today is your lucky day! Thanks to the patients and help of Jediknight and a few other fellow bug reporters we have been able to catch this little bugger which seems to have been causing problems since the first release. The updated version is now ready for download. If you still have trouble playing TileRace - please help us track down your problem by posting a report in the bug section of our forum.

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Minor Update 0.701


We have updated our graphics engine to the latest version which should help with a driver related graphics issue Nvidia users have been experiencing. At this point a big thank you to the Ogre Community and especially Sinbad for providing us with such an excellent engine without which we wouldn't have been able to build this game.
As always we have also included more debug information to help us track down a few nasty bugs which we aren't able to reproduce on our systems yet.

You can find the updated packages in the download section.

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Mirror and minor fixes


Through the help of Jeremiah Diephuis from the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg we are now able to provide you with a download mirror. This should allow for a smoother download experience when our primary hosting service (thank you Mark Laprairie from g0dsoft!) is choking under heavy load. We have also updated the downloads with the latest version - which includes a few minor fixes.

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Addendum: Release of TileRacer 0.7


We have just become aware of a problem with the windows version of the installer where the physx installation wouldn't start. We have tracked down and fixed the problem. As I write these lines the corrected version is uploading to our server. If you have been affected by this problem - please try again the new version. If there are any more problems or bugs you have found - please let us know.

Edit: We are also experiencing some problems with the download server. If you are unable to download the game - please try again in a few minutes. We are working on setting up a mirror.

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Gentlemen, start your engines!


It's that time of the year again!
After struggling with real life for a while we have managed to pull ourselves together and squeeze out a new release of our beloved child. So without further ado we would like to present to you: TileRacer 0.7. Go and grab yourself this shiny diamond in the download section.

TileRacer 0.7

New features include lightmapping for the terrain and track objects, a fully customizeable input system (hello joystick!) and much more!
For a full list of changes see the changelog.

This release also contains two new maps by our forum member alpine (Jumper Federation and Sand Bastion). If you have built a map you would like to share with other players and maybe see included in the next release, feel free to post it at our forums.


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Merry Christmas!


We wish you all a merry Christmas!

As a little present we give you a teaser pic of our new lightmap baking on the terrain. You can see the new shadow under the elevated roads.

Tile Racer News Pic

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RC 1 of Tile Racer 0.65


After a month of work we finally present the new release candidate of Tile Racer. We made a lot of bug fixes and added a bunch of new features (crash sounds, HDR, Shadow Car, new track tiles, ...). For all improvements have a look at the changelog.

Some of you may have noticed, that the download of Tile Racer was blocked for a few hours in November. Our webhost locked the downloads, because we had over 32000 downloads and we are not allowed to use our web space for massive downloads. We moved the content and everything is working again.

Tile Racer News Pic

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Tile Racer 0.6


A new name and a new release! The domain is online and the Tile Racer 0.6 packages are ready.

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Release Candidate 3


The new release candidate is out. We added a setup script in the Linux package, so the installation should be really easy on Linux too.

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Linux Package


The Linux(x86) package of the second release candidate is now available.

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First Public Release


We are proud to present the first public release of our freeware game StuntsRemake. You find the second release candidate of StuntsRemake 0.6 in the download section. There is also a short trailer on the screenshots page.

StuntsRemake Screenshot

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