TileRacer is Science!


Oh yeah - I've been waiting for this one to provide me with an adequate excuse for the lake of progress and updates on TileRacer: A few month ago two students from the faculty of psychology at the University of Padua (Italy) contacted us telling that they where interested in using TileRacer for a degree-thesis on "the influence of emotions and motivation on driving behaviours". For this they needed a few minor modifications and a guide on how to create custom tiles and getting them into TileRacer. Who could have said no to this once-in-a-lifetime chance of getting our foot in the door of the Italian science community! So - long story short - some effort went into this and the students sent us a nice photo of the study showing somebody with a head mounted display (probably) playing TileRacer in return:
Study using TileRacer
But that is not all. The nice thing for the TileRacer community is that this little project provided me with the motivation I needed to finally create a document explaining some basic things about bringing user created content into the game. So this should be the first step (hopefully) to a series of tutorials which will explain how to mod certain aspects of the game. I will present the document in a separate article in the next days after creating some new sections on the website and forum.

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Ok it's 28.7 and it's still not published, what's the problem?

You said it'll be like in a week or so, but his is % months!