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It's that time of the year again!
After struggling with real life for a while we have managed to pull ourselves together and squeeze out a new release of our beloved child. So without further ado we would like to present to you: TileRacer 0.7. Go and grab yourself this shiny diamond in the download section.

TileRacer 0.7

New features include lightmapping for the terrain and track objects, a fully customizeable input system (hello joystick!) and much more!
For a full list of changes see the changelog.

This release also contains two new maps by our forum member alpine (Jumper Federation and Sand Bastion). If you have built a map you would like to share with other players and maybe see included in the next release, feel free to post it at our forums.


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Krys TOFF2008-06-04
Cool, new version ! I hope it will work fine under Vista this time. I'll check it tonight.
Great, great, great! Downloading right now! :)