20.000 Downloads in 53 Days


Just a moment ago TileRacer 0.7 has been downloaded for the 20.000th time since its release 53 days ago.

Let the celebrations begin!


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Wollte die neue Version herunterladen, aber leider funktionieren eure Mirrors nicht :( Wie wärs, wenn ihr die Installation als Torrent zur Verfügung stellen würdet, dann gäbe es auch keine Probleme mit Traffic...
We know that Mirror1 is not working at the moment. This will be fixed sometime soon. Mirror2 should work just fine.
Why I can not download from http://tileracer.model-view.com/tl/index.php/downloads.html
I have changed the default download to point to mirror 2 by default until our first mirror is fixed.
Congratulations! I really enjoyed the game. I wish you be successful with it.
I'm worried you guys will lose interest in this project as it matures, and it will die closed source. Many programmers writing *production code* still feel that their code isn't ready to be seen, or shared, but you've got a great thing here. I'd really like to encourage you to open the source. If the code needs work, let a community work on it!
Congratulations!, but don't forget there are repositories for many distros and doesn't count in your download registry.
Vadim P.2008-12-31
Getdeb.net also has ~6.4k downloads for tileracer (http://www.getdeb.net/app/Tile+Racer)