Tile Racer 0.702 (2008/07/03)

WindowsXP/Vista Installer Linux x86 Installer

WindowsXP / Vista

Linux x86

Standalone Installer for WindowsXP / Vista
Tile Racer Installer (47MB)
Standalone Installer for Linux x86
Tile Racer Installer (60MB)
  Version without Installer for Linux x86
Tile Racer (tar.gz) (59MB)

Linux Installer Information!

The menu entries are broken for some distributions.
It works best if you install it with superuser rights.

sudo sh ./TileRacer0.702_Setup.sh

Debian/Ubuntu (64 Bit):
sudo linux32 sh ./TileRacer0.702_Setup.sh

All configurations and map files are saved in the home directory of the user.